3D Laser Tracking

My most recent project is helping in the design of the world’s largest mobile CNC platform! I have been working on developing a laser scanning positioning system to be used for absolute positioning of the end effector.

laser triangle


The next step in the laser scanning process is to generate a circle that will be able to encompass the end effector tolerances. This circle will surround a light sensor that will be able to tell when the laser hits it. Below is the hardware with an added laser diode and transistor that I can turn on and off to strobe the laser. I also started coding a circle and eventually wrote a script so I could move it around.

After more coding, I reached the computational limit of Arduino which was not fast enough for my tracking algorithm. With this in mind, the next step was to move up a Raspberry Pi. These things are awesome! After a while, I got it completely set up and started making a breakout board for it.

After a while I was able to implement a sensor that could sense when it got hit by the laser and then light up an LED. I eventually interfaced this with the existing laser setup and made a tracking algorithm for it. After this I obtained a more precise galvanometer setup and wired it up to my Arduino.


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