Custom Les Paul Guitar

I love music! I have played guitar for nine years and loved every second of it! I also enjoy both making custom electric guitars from scratch as well as modifying electric guitars. I have worked on guitars for six years now and below is some the work I have been able to accomplish.

My pride and joy: this guitar is my dream guitar incarnated. When I was a freshman in high school all I wanted is a Gibson Les Paul Custom but it was way too much money. So I did the logical thing, build one! This green Les Paul custom took me three years to build completely from scratch. The body is made of 200 old aged poplar with a quilted Birdseye Maple cap on the front and back. The neck is made of Bocote with a Tulipwood hand inlaid fretboard. I hand stained the body my favorite color GREEN. I also used the electronics out of one of my favorite guitarist’s guitars: Steve Vai’s Jem guitar.


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