Tube Guitar Amp

Since I started playing guitar 8 years ago, I have always preferred the sound of analog electronics. Recently, I happened upon a barely working tube chassis that needed repair. This chassis came out of a 50′s TV! I was able to find the wiring schematic online, troubleshoot old parts and rewire it. After a fair amount of work (and flipping the breaker) I was able to see the tubes glow!

photo 5


This was a great electronics project and was very easy to troubleshoot since all of the wiring was point to point (old electronics are great). I was also able to pick up and wire a 2X12 speaker box and the fluorescent lights that came with it. The next step was adapting the stereo inputs in the tube amp for use with guitar. I did this by wiring in a guitar mono jack as well as a new pre-amp section for more gain in order to overdrive the tubes. The result sounded great! It’s a loud amp and as any amp it sounds best when it is cranked all of the way up. Here was the result:

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