Space Jam YoYo

During MIT’s 2.008 Design and Manufacturing Class, I participated in a team of seven engineers tasked with designing a YoYo to be mass produced.

Here is our finished YoYo:


After much brainstorming we ended up deciding our theme based on the Iconic 90’s movie: Space Jam


As always, we started by using CAD in SolidWorks to Model our whole YoYo assembly.


Then we designed and machined molds using Mastercam and our parts from SolidWorks.


The Completed molds shown below use ejector pins placed in the holes in the mold (shown on the left) to automatically eject parts once molded. We used these molds to produce 50 YoYos.


Below Are the Injection molding machine (left) and the Thermoform machine (right). Each of the these machines were used to make parts for our YoYo. Our YoYo consisted of four injection molded parts, one die cut part, and one thermoformed part.


Below are all of our finished parts, fresh out of the machines. We ran quality testing on our production runs in order to analyze feedback on the manufacturing process.


We finally assembled all fifty YoYos and presented them to our class at the end of the semester! They worked great and were able to spins at over 5000 RPM!YY17

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