For MIT’s 2.009 Product Engineering Process class, I had the idea of making a drum training kit that integrated the key functionalities of both learning and playing games (like rockband!). Please see the video below.

I was the lead on electronics in the project and was able to develop a driver board that powered the lights in all of the drums as well as integrated a microcontroller able to control the lights as well as sense when the user hits the drums. This project was a ton of fun!

Below is the board I designed in EAGLE to control the drums.



Here are the boards after I received it from the fab and put it together. I learned a very valuable lesson by making three of them, because on the day of the presentation one of them broke an hour before we were supposed to present. Because I had more working boards made, it was as easy as 1 to 1 swap, and our presentation was a hit!

2014-12-07 04.56.48























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